il forno The Buzzard is a medium to large bird of prey. It is typically between 51-57 cm in length with a 110 to 130 cm (48-60 inch) wingspan, making it a medium-sized raptor.

The farm is inside the European Union site IT 6020018 of the Natura 2000 Network which protects its natural habitat and species of Community interest. This is one of the several small nature nature parks situated within Rome's city boundaries where sacred woods blend with cultivated fields, ancient farmhouses and precious olive trees grow.

Since Colle Cesoni adopted the organic cultivation method and the conservation measures required for the site Natura 2000 network, the wooded areas of the farm are kept both sweet and savage. Wild flora and fauna are maintained in a favourable conservation status. Several varieties of butterflies have settled on grounds, and they have become a haven for hedgehogs, robins, swallows, lizards, wild boars, foxes, porcupines, hares, pheasant, snakes, moles, snails. In Spring the buzzards rise high up in the sky, to turn and plummet downward, in a spiral, twisting and turning to then rise immediately upward to repeat the exercise.

In May millions of fireflies are living proof of an incredible bio-diversity successfully preserved.

Sceneries unfolding before the visitor's eyes are often the same ones celebrated by landscape painters of the 19th century. For children and adults alike, "Colle Cesoni " nature reserve is an open air classroom.