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Italian Hospitality

The Ospitalità Italiana Seal is a certification promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce to evaluate the quality of the receptive and restorative facilities in Italy. Colle Cesoni certification is dated September 2010 (code 11274).

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12 years on-line: is the best Italian guide to Agritourism in Italy. A rich and complete guide to planning your holidays in quality farm accommodations.


The European Federation for Farm and Village Tourism.Through its structuring of 30 professional European associations of rural tourism, EuroGites' particular aim is to guide you and make your choice secure. As a member of Best of Sabina,  Colle Cesoni is listed among the Eurogites vacation resorts.



The rural tourism consortium which guarantees quality hospitality in vacation resorts in the Sabina area. Best of Sabina is the Italian representative in Eurogites. Colle Cesoni has been inspected and quality assessed  by Best of Sabina under the grading schemes operated by EuroGites.




The European Travel Commission website to promote Europe - and to seek to generate tourism flows from overseas countries.  Through Eurogites and Best of Sabina, Colle Cesoni is listed among the promoted resorts.

Buoni Vacanze Italia

The Italian Tourism Ministry has set up a website through which citizens (at the moment limited to Italians) can apply for vouchers and book vacations, choosing from a wide range of offers and staying at hotels plugged into the government's initiative. Among them Agriturismo Colle Cesoni (code 007333). Under the voucher scheme, the state grants a holiday bonus varying between 20 and 45 percent of a predefined budget, which depends upon the income level of the family and number of members. In introducing the scheme, Italy is following the example set by other European countries, including France.