rape-sabineFifty kilometres North-East of Rome, following the eastern bank of the Tiber River and the Sabine Hills, lies the territory of Sabina.

The Sabina area is still authentic and unspoilt, untouched by mass tourism. It is a magical land of legends (the Rape of the Sabine woman among them), of castles, medieval little towns connected by winding country roads, elegant restaurants and family run taverne, and breath-taking scenery wherever you go. Famous is it's extra vergin olive oil with its Sabina DOP recognition.

Riding schools, golf courses immersed in the green countryside, along with Mount Terminillo ski resorts and several naturalistic itineraries, are some of the possibilities for sports lovers in an uncontaminated natural environment.

The Franciscan sanctuaries; the Farfa Abbey for centuries a witness to the power of the Roman Church; the Romanesque churches of Vescovio and Santa Vittoria; the archaeological sites and ancient Roman town of Trebula Mutuesca and Forum Novum as well as, the national parks and lakes, and the capital city Rieti are among the many attractions in Sabina.

Rome is at 45 minutes drive or at 50 minutes by a train service which gets, at its final stop,  to the Rome International Airports of Fiumicino. The Rome International Airport of Ciampino is at 45 minutes drive.