paneolioColle Cesoni is a farm at 560 m elevation, in a temperate climate surrounded by terraces landscaped with olive trees and green woodland stretched for miles across the hills and valleys. The area has a long history of groves of olive trees, dating back to the II century BC. The farm was used in the past as the "aia" (threshing floor) of the village, the place where the peasants gathered to clean wheat and to bake bread in a still working brick oven.
Like many old farms in this area, the land was abandoned and left in a state of disrepair for years. In 1980, the current owners restored it with passion and care to its original beauty which recalls the vanished landscape of the Roman countryside. The overall atmosphere is that of a quiet, rural place with simple plantings and a domestic feeling.

This rural paradise is a 10 hectares private parkland of olive groves, orchard of cherry trees and oaks down to the river Montenero. The land is farmed using natural organic methods for the production, since 1864, of extra-virgin olive oil (harvest October/December), cherries (ripe for the picking in June) and vegetables. Colle Cesoni‚Äôs first class agricultural production is the gold and fragrant extra virgin  olive oil with its EU DOP recognition.

The walk, linking the apartments to the pool, is lined with cherry trees. The olive groves are surrounded with borders containing typical Mediterranean plants and shrubs such as rosemary, lavender, herbs and numerous wild flowers. The nearby woods are oak, ideal for walks and feature the opportunity for mushroom picking during the fall season.
Wine and olive oil tasting events are held in the owners little restaurant by arrangement.